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Hi All,

We have a great news for all of you…

In order to improve our service, we would like announce to you that your site administrator has enabled Jabze Chat on this site. Jabze Chat offers Instant Messaging capabilities for every user logged on to this site.

This fitur is designed to facilitate you as Human Resources/Hotel Manager or as JobSeeker to meet online each others, it is very good to maximize your two ways communication between employeer and jobseeker, also you can discuss to make an appointment for interview schedule or etc.

LET’S CHAT, please follow instructions as bellow :

1. Please use your account to log-in every time you visit this site, otherwise you can register if you do not have an account on this site. IT’S FREE.

2. When you logged on to this site, you will find signs “Jabze Chat?” at the bottom right corner.

3. Click on the chat status bar “Jabze Chat?”, see who’s online and chat away.

4. Keep enjoy and let you find more chance to getting a qualified candidate for employeer or find more chance to getting suitable vacancy for jobseekers.


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