Hotel Jobs Pramestha Resort Town

HHRMA Bandung. Let’s growth together! PRAMESTHA Resort Town is looking for professionals to fulfill vacant positions as follows:
1. General Manager Commercial
2. Head of Property
3. Head of Hospitality
4. Butler (Operation Manager)
5. F & B Manager for Burgundy
6. F & B Manager for Buffy
7. Landscape Manager
8. Estate & Villa Manager
9. Sales Manager for Property
10. Site Manager
11. Finance & Accounting Manager
12. I T Manager
13. Chief of Administration
14. Sales Administration Staff
15. Logistic Officer for Project
16. Legal & General Affairs Officer
17. Recruitment & Assessment Officer
18. Design Grafis
19. Marketing Communication
20. Pet Keeper S1 Majoring Breeder
21. SPV Agricultul & Holtikultura for garden area
22. SPV Landscape Area

All positions will be placed at Bandung area.

If you’re a highly motivated, spirit and dynamics, and have minimum 2 years’ experience in related positions, preferably experience at property, developer, hospitality industry or resort companies. Please kindly send your CV and recent photograph to /

Or Drop your CV at : Jl akaza utama no 9 , Building Pramestha Resort Town . Dago Giri – Lembang / Bandung Barat

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