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Dear Human Resources Division/Hotel Manager,

We proudly offer you one of our best recruitment service to help in recruitment for hospitality industry focusing mainly on hotels and resorts in Indonesia.

What we do

We place qualified personnel within all departments of the hospitality industry, from rank and file staff, middle management, top management up to corporate management positions.

Our obligations are to both our clients and candidates. We assist our clients effectively in their recruitment needs and our candidates with the consistent development of their careers.

We look forward to being allowed to accompany you on your way further and are personally available for any further inquiries.

employerGeneral information for employer/client

We understand the importance of finding the right person for the right job as well as finding the right job for the right person. In other words, we will not only consider the requirements of our client, but we will also take into consideration the expectations of our candidate. Our aim is to provide the highest quality service to our clients as well as to our potential employees. We focus on quality, not on quantity.

We do not approach current GHR placed candidates for new opportunities and we do not source candidates from existing clients.

“No cure no pay”, which means that there is no fee to be paid till you have successfully hired a candidate and our work is guaranteed through our Free Replacement Guarantee.

GHR – Global Hotel Recruiting offers you a reliable overall support from candidate selection to their first day at work.

Recruitment Service Fee:
1. Clerical / rank & file level: Rp. 500.000/head
2. Supervisor/Special Skills level: Rp.1.000.000/head
3. Manager level : 50% of a month payment salary/head
4. Executive level: 50% of a month payment salary/head
* Recruitment fee is 1 (one) time charged only

Registration Form: Recruitment Service Form

Currently, we have some of high qualified candidates for following positions :

– General Manager (Local Indonesian or Expatriate)
– Executive Assistant Manager (Local Indonesian or Expatriate)
– Director of Finance/Financial Controller (Local Indonesian)
– Executive Chef (Local Indonesia or Expatriate)
– F&B Director (Expatriate)
– F&B Manager (Local Indonesia)
– Director of Sales Marketing (Local Indonesian)
– Chief Engineering (Local Indonesian)
– Director of Human Resources/HR Manager (Local Indonesian)
– Executive Housekeeper (Local Indonesian)
– Front Office Manager (Local Indonesian)
– Public Relation Manager (Local Indonesia)
– Executive Secretary (Local Indonesia)
– Purchasing Manager (Local Indonesia)
– Duty Manager (Local Indonesia)
– Housekeeping Supervisor (Local Indonesia)
– Etc.

Please contact us if any further queries by email to:

General information for candidate

You can be assured of our absolute confidentiality at all times, your personal details will not be sent out to a client unless we have first discussed the opportunity with you and have obtained your permission to do so.

We value each individual and assess candidates on their particular merits regardless of age, sex, race, nationality or religion.

We like to know all our candidates personally and make sure that we understand their needs in order to be of best possibility for them

We are paid a fee by our clients, our service is completely free of charge for applicants.

Please send your CV to: with following email subject format :

Application Letter_Name of Applicant_Position Applied
Example: Application Letter_Bill Jacklyn_Director of Sales Marketing

We look forward to receive your application. Hurry up!

GLOBAL Hotelier Recruitment



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